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Health Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Health Tips to Prevent Breast CancerIn the past decade, scientific evidence has given us a real hope that breast cancer may be prevented as studies now indicate that healthy living lifestyles give women and men of all ages strategies to defend themselves against breast cancer. Nutrition has been emerging as one of the most powerful tools to minimize and/or prevent this disease. Here are some of the health tips that have been shown to prevent/minimize breast cancer.

Make sure you maintain an ideal weight. Nothing can lower the risk as much as this health tip. Weight gain later in your life will substantially increase the risk. Excessive fatty tissue increases circulating estrogen in the body and breast cancer is linked to how much estrogen you are exposed to in your lifetime.

Limit your alcohol as there is a strong link between alcohol and breast cancer. The type of alcohol doesn’t matter but the amount does.

Eat less fat overall by replacing unhealthy fats with healthy ones such as those that are high in Omega 3 oils. Incorporate flax seed, fish, nuts and seeds as well as canola and olive oil into your diet.

Eat your vegetables and fruit. Produce has become the “edible medicine” and you should strive for 8-10 servings per day. Vegetables and fruits contain cancer-fighting phytochemicals and protective antioxidants that your body needs to take in daily.

Try to avoid toxins. Use organic poultry, meats, dairy and produce when possible. Skip the nitrate preserved foods such as deli meat, hot dogs, bacon and sausage. A lot of companies have been moving toward nitrate free foods.

The final healthy living tip – try to go vegetarian. Attempt to have three to four meals a week using vegetarian proteins such as beans, lentils, nuts, high protein pasta and unprocessed soy foods. (Soy has been controversial so try to limit soy foods.)

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Health Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer