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You Like to Run? Sport Massages can Improve your Health and Recovery

Massage is usually considered a part of alternative and complementary medicine, as it is most often being recommended along with regular treatments for a vast range of medical situations and conditions. Studies regarding the various benefits of massage have suggested that it is a highly effective treatment for reducing back pain, muscle tension and a great way to offer some stress relief. Some studies have found that a quality massage can also be very helpful for: digestive disorders, anxiety, headaches, sports injuries, soft tissue strains and injuries, insomnia related to stress, nerve pain, paresthesias etc.

 Sports massage therapy is a specific kind of therapy that focuses on athletes of every kind. The specifics of the sports massage technique depend on the athlete’s sport of choice. By focusing on the stressed and overused areas of the body, from sometimes aggressive and usually repetitive movements, sports massage can bring relief and progress in the athlete’s recovery process.

You Like to Run? Sport Massages can Improve your Health and Recovery

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Some parts of sports massage therapy are even becoming a regular and useful component in balanced and standard training regime among many athletes. This therapy can be used in order to reduce recovery time for the optimal performance after a training or an event, but it can also be used as a way to improve pre-event preparation. Many athletes have noticed that a specially designed massage can improve endurance, promote flexibility, reduce fatigue, help prevent injuries and also give the body and the mind a quality preparation for optimal performance.

What Are The Physical Effects Of Massage?

You Like to Run? Sport Massages can Improve your Health and Recovery

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The stroking movements in sports massage run fluid through lymph and blood vessels thus enhancing the pressure of the stroke which creates a vacuum behind which is , extremely important in treating tight or damaged muscle tissue, as they tend to squeeze blood out while depriving the muscles and tissues of crucial energy and nutrients to repair. A quality sports massage can also increase tissue permeability by opening up the pores in tissue membranes which consequently enables nutrients and fluids to pass through.


Sports massage can stretch a lot of tissues that usually couldn’t be affected by the regular massage methods. As the muscle fibers stretch sideways as well as lengthwise, the massage releases any pressure or tension that has been building up in the athlete’s body, while improving the overall tissue elasticity. One of the greatest benefits of sports massages is the fact that it opens micro-circulation by increasing blood flow to the tissues, not very differently from exercising, but sports massage has the additional benefit of opening or dilating the blood vessels which enables nutrients to circulate through more easily. Massages are not only for the body, for a healthy face and beautiful skin check out our face massage article as well.

What Are Physiological Benefits Of Sports Massage?

Having a sports massage can lead to a significant pain reduction in any part of the athlete’s body affected by an injury. Waste and tension products in muscles usually lead to a lot of pain in many athletes and a quality massage helps minimize this in a number of ways which include the release of the bodies endorphins. It also relaxes the muscles through circulation, heat generation and stretching, while 

mechanoreceptors are being stimulated, leading to a reflex relaxation.
For anyone taking part in some kind of a regular physical activity, this kind of therapy can be a great addition to their normal training regimen.




Information used in this article is kindly provided by the Hong Kong massage experts who are known for their expertise in the field of stress-relieving massage techniques and believe that massages are not only for the body – they heal the soul too. 


You Like to Run? Sport Massages can Improve your Health and Recovery